Hurrah! In one repetition, a challenge, a magical light, leaves changing colors, tinseling, with the blink of an eye, a poetic verse gives into boundaries.

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I am Healthy

Today, I have no time to dream,
I am wandering,
Calling to my old friends,
Calling to what seemed to be old love’s,
I am healthy now,
Strong from the red meat,

Reliving what I can do,
Choosing the paths again,
Those I wish to travel,
All to be inplace,
For me to dream.

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My Phrases

Transformation of the soul is a clear objective in life to be free of unintended influences that take time away from your space.

Reality is a different approach where we can handle crisis mindfully caring about the outcome.

The fusion of heart and mind where the environment changes our genetics on a daily basis.

The peace of having material wealth in a book of wisdom with a title more appropriate then the finish line.

The talk of gratitude, where more of your good deeds have been pealed away from our knowing that we all have listed the same good acts of kindness on different days.

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Beyond Series – The Hue

As the man stands on the coral rock formation.
Water jetted forth beneath,
Gushing through the coral,
A mastermind,
A dazzlingly stance,
A virtuoso performance,
By remaining on the coral rock,
Making noises under his breath,
A ghost of flames rekindled in those eyes of his,
Chromatic as garnish of a ghost,
The Champion.

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Octapus Beach

Overcast days
Charter fishing boats
That overlook
A living room
Pop of Magenta
Utterly serene
Secret lagoons

Each enjoying
Attracting something
Cool to escape
Human expression

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Here is a poem-Acrostic Poem

Yes I believe
One adapts
Up the scene
Roadside ditch

On a porch
Warm light is plentyful
Now is time

Planning to grow
A sure way to banish
Cover each hole
Enter the highway

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Beyond Series-poem

I abandon the trash,
Wither be done,
I tossed away old clothes,
Wither be done,
I discarded old love,
Wither be done,
I tossed about today,
Wither the day is done.

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In Nature’s Parlor

In Nature’s parlor
                            The Open
Under the Royal Palm tree,
Age of innocence has diseased away all future reference to a healthy life ,
                           The Open
A style when nature’s beauty brought out the best in us,
Those beach parties in the sun and a picnic under the royal palm have lasted in our memory books,
                                  The Open
Nothing has vanished from the real world that in our memory we have tried to keep alive and maybe we bend the rules as in nature,
                                  The Open
Maybe we just want those kind of days were lying in the sun and having a picnic in the shade made nature’s parlor.
                              The Open

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Give me a breeze

These swaying palms pointed towards the bay, everyday’s horizon, none, more beautiful than today. Give me a breeze to make real the distant cold, where the birds fly south, not this day. The season of cold is upon us on its way towards a beautiful day. While I am here enjoying the breeze and pointed towards the bay.

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When things were dry

I can only say,
What comes to mind
And you were there,
When things were dry
To share your thoughts,
As things for us were right
It comes to mind,
My mind to your mind,
Made us dry in the still of the night.

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